Excerpt from the “art2where” interview ET1-2003

An artist who transforms discarded objects and materials into mesmerizing and often functional artworks.

The discovery and transformation of common and rejected material into objects of beauty and value is a powerful metaphor for the inner journey towards wholeness and represents an urgent psychological, social and political challenge for our times.

With a formative background in classical and contemporary drawing, her work today incorporates an array of mixed techniques and mixed mediums. She variously employs inks, acrylics, pigments, crayons and glues -nothing is excluded, ancient or modern. Her chosen canvases and installations incorporate thermoplastics, wood, packaging, wallpapers, vintage lace, hand made paper and even lighting and automotive components.

Her current work focuses on “Nature in animate or inanimate forms”. She has been as deeply influenced by the beauty and elegance of the moving body in dance as by the stillness of form exemplified in yoga asanas and expressed in her extensive work with prints.

“The alchemical idea of turning the “prima materia” into gold is at the core of my life and art”.